First of all we would like to thank you for everyone's support! Here are the steps to do once you have purchased the e-ticket, however if you are still unclear about the instructions, you can always email us and contact our customer service team at

1. Confirmation email.

Once you have ordered your E-ticket, you should expect an confirmation email for your order (Note: sometimes your email might appear in SPAM or JUNK folder, make sure to check in those files as well)

2. Receiving your E-ticket

After purchased, you should expect to receive another email within 1-2 business days. This email is to show the login ID and the password for you concert regarding to the date that you have ordered. This is an example of the email that you will received:

Important notes: Our confirmation email will be sent via which is our official email Login ID / Login Password will be shown in the above email.

3. Concert Day

During the concert day, make sure to Login 1 hour before to make sure you will be able to enter, the website that the concert will hold will be the following: